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Proven Search Engine Optimization Techniques

  To receive maximum customer visits proven SEO techniques should be used in the design of each Webpage. This is done to increase each page's ranking in the organic (non-paid) search results. To receive the maximum exposure to qualified visitors each Webpage needs to be optimized for several high impact relevant keyword phrases.

The code for each Webpage is written to focus on the chosen keyword phrases.  This is done because after a search engine spiders a page that page will be listed more highly in the results for that particular keyword phrase.  The higher this ranking means more qualified customer traffic to that page.

The major search engines use mathematical formulas to determine which sites will be ranked near the top of the search results for a particular keyword phrase. There are hundreds of variables that might affect where a page is ranked for each queried search phrase. A Webpage needs to be listed on the first page of organic results to receive maximum search traffic.  The higher the ranking on that page the higher the traffic.

Basic SEO is fairly simple to undertake, however the rules of the game are always changing.  The suggestions below are only a beginning of any Internet marketing campaign using search engine optimization.


  Title Tag - Keyword phrases should be in the title tag of each web page. This is probably the most important factor in determining page rankings in search engine results. This is generally what is shown as the page title in search results.

  Description Tag - Using the keyword phrase in the description meta tag is still important for some search engines. It is shown below the title in the listing. Some search engines spider the page and select the text to be used in their description.

  Visible Text - Keywords also should be mentioned in the visible text of a web page. The most important keywords should be listed at the top of any page and in bold text if possible. The selected keyword phrases should be placed a few times in the visible text of a site page if possible.

  Alt Tag (attribute)- Include the keyword phrase in the Alt tags for pictures and graphics. Remember the search engine spiders don't see pictures or illustrations.

  Links from other Sites - Some search engines use a formula that includes how many, and what quality, inbound links a webpage has. Quality page links are important in rankings especially since Google and Yahoo use this variable in determining their search results. Links with your selected keyword phrase in their text are the most valuable.



Maximum Exposure SEO offers a fee structure based on the level of service you select. The goal will be to make your Website as profitable as possible through maximum exposure to your potential customers using proven SEO techniques.

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